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2017 Warbirds in Review

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Volume 1:  Supermarine Spitfire MK.1, A-20 Havoc and P-51 Mustangs

Supermarine Spitfire MK.IX - Collings Foundation, Rob Collings
There is no other Spitfire in the world that has such an incredible history as this aircraft recently acquired by the Collings Foundation. Legendary pilots and aces flew this Spitfire MK.IX BR601 confronting scores of Luftwaffe fighters while flying escort for B-17 and B-24 bombers. The fact that Rob Collings knows descendants of the pilots who flew this aircraft and the uniqueness of this Spitfire will make this presentation really special.

A-20 Havoc - Lewis Air Legends, Rod Lewis and Stewart Dawson
On 15 July, 2015, test pilot Stewart "Stew" Dawson gently pulled back on the control yoke and made aviation history as a Douglas A-20 Havoc took to the air for the first time in nearly a quarter-century. Impecably restored by Aero Trader at Chino Airport, CA, the aircraft is A-20G 43-21709. When the A-20 arrived in Ohskosh mid May 2017 we had a good laugh with Stew - it was either the last Warbird to arrive for AirVenture 2016 or the first to arrive for 2017. It is a pleasure to, once again, welcome Rod Lewis and thank him for his commitment to the preservation of so many wonderful Warbird Aircraft.

BT-13 Valiant - National WASP WWII Museum, The American Aviation Heritage Foundation Mildred "Jane" Doyle, Carol Cain and Terry Baker
In 1942, as the country reeled from the attack on Pearl Harbor, trained male pilots were in short supply. Qualified pilots were needed to fight the war. Twenty-eight experienced civilian women pilots volunteered to take the job of ferrying aircraft. They formed the country's first female squadron in late summer 1942. In 2017 the American Aviation Heritage Foundation donated a beautiful, newly restored BT-13 to the WASP Museum. This BT-13 from start to finish was intended for donation to the WASP to be flown in tribute to their service. That is impressive.

P-51B and P-51D Mustangs "Old Crow" C.E. "Bud" Anderson, Jack Roush and Jim Hagedorn
It would be difficult to find a veteran who is more respected and admired than Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson or two aircraft owners who have been more involved in Warbird history and preservation than Jack Roush and Jim Hagedorn. Co. Anderson is the one veteran who has been a part of Warbirds in REview in all of the 15 years.

Volume 2:  B-25J Mitchell "Panchito", L-19 Birddog, Boeing B-17G Bomber "Madras Maiden" and F8F-2 Bearcat

B-25 J Mitchell "Panchito" - Larry Kelly, Lt. Col. Dick Cole, Jonna Doolittle and James H. Doolittle, III
Lt. Col. Dick Cole at the young age of 101 will share his experiences as Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot on one of the most significant missions in our history. As Col. Cole speaks in front of the B-25 owned by Larry Kelley. There will be a display of B-25s on Warbird Alley that will replicate the deck of the Hornet on that day in April 1942 when they made history. Col. Cole will be joined by Jonna Doolittle Hoppes and James H. Doolittle, III.

L-19 Birddog - Randy Maiville, Bill Reader, Charlie Finch and Doc Clement
POW Col. William Reeder will be joined by his Army Pilot training classmate, Charlie Finch and Doc Clement who flew together in Vietnam. While Bill Reader flew combat in the Mohawk and Cobra, Charlie and Doc were flying low level missions in the Bird Dog. The POW experience is shared by Col. Reeder in the book "Through the Valley" and the missions of Charlie and Doc are related in the book "A Hundred Feet Over Hell".

Boeing B-17G Bomber "Madras Maiden" - Erickson Aircraft Collection, Jack Erickson, Ray Fowler, Charley Valera and Steve Snyder
It is a pleasure to welcome Jack Erickson to Oshkosh to talk about onfe of the many aircraft in the Erickson collection. The Boeing B-17 Dlying Fortress was used primarily in Europe in the Eighth Air Force. Jack will be joined by Ray Fowler, who flies the F-16 Fighting Falcon with the Air National Guard and as a civilian pilot, and a pilot for a major airline he has over 13,000 flying hours. Ray is actively involved with multiple flying museums. On any given weekend, he can be found throughout the country flying at airshows in a variety of different types of historic WWII fighter and bomber aircraft. Authors Steve Snyder and Charley Valera will join the discussion to talk aobut experiences and recollections of B-17 crew members as told in their two very different books.

F8F-2 Bearcat - John O'Connor and Navy Lt. Damon Kores, No. 2 right wing Blue Angels Flight Team Member
John O'Connor is the owner of the beautiful F8F Bearcat painted in the Blue Angel Scheme. Lt. Kroes served in the U.S. Marine Corps before he was commissioned as an officer in the Navy. Kroes served as a flight instructor at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CA before being selected for the Blue Angels.

Volume 3:  P-47 D Thunderbolt, T-33 Shooting Star, T-34 Mentor and SNJ4, P-63 Kingcobra and T-38 Talon

P-47 D Thunderbolt "Hun Hunter XVI" and "Wicked Wabbit" - Deke Holman, Hans Wronka, Neal Melton and John Shoffner
Deke Holman served during World War II as a C-47 Co-Pilot, later transitioning to the P-47. He retired from United flying the B-747 so he says he has always flown 47's. The two P-47s owned by John Shoffner and Neal Melton were unable to join in on the presentation due to weather at home. Deke was part of the airshow, red shirt team for many years and is a very special friend to many Oshkosh Volunteers. Deke will be joined by Hans Wronka, grandson of 1st Lt. Loren Hintz who was killed in action flying a P-47 Thunderbolt over Italy on April 21, 1945. Hans has embarked on an epic 12-year journey to confidently locate the site, remains, and aircraft where his grandfather was killed.

T-33 Shooting Star - Ken Paholski and Dick Rutan
Dick Rutan began his military career joining the Air Force Aviation Cadet Program at age 19, later becoming an Air Force Lieutenant. Dick was in the last active air defense scramble from the remote, semi-arctic base at Keflavik, Iceland. They were "fighting" the Cold War. On this remote tour that lasted about a year, he flew training and active air misions as needed in the capacity of radar observer (backseater) for the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. The F-89 Scorpion was retired and replaced by the more modern jet, the F-102. Upon landing the final mission in the f-89 Scorpion, it was literally taxied over to the boneyard, ending its active service in the United States Air Force.

T-34 Mentor and SNJ-4 - Fagen Fighters WWII Museum, Frank Borman and Jim Lovell
Jim Lovell and Frank Borman are best known as Apollo Astronauts but they flew real airplanes before they entered Space Travel. Following on the heels of a Fright night program at Theatre in the Woods, the Warbirds in Review audience will have the opportunity to be up close and personal. You may even see a couple more Apollo Astronauts in the audience. The SNJ-4, representing the aircraft they flew in training is own by Fagen Fighters World War II Museum. The featured T-34 is owned and flown by Frank Borman.

P-63 Kingcobra and T-38 Talon - Dixie Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, NASA, Joe Engle and Glenn Bugos
This Bell P-63 owned by the Dixie Wing of the CAF, was operated by NACA (Predecessor of NASA.) Having the NASA T-38 as part of this program completes the circle to tell the history of NASA. Retired General Joe Engle was associated with NASA from the X-15 to Apollo through the shuttle and is perfect to share the history. He is the only person to have flown two different types of winged vehicles in space, the X-15 and the Space Shuttle. He is the only astronaut to have manually flown the Shuttle through reentry and landing.

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