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Fighting Hitler's Jets Autographed

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Fighting Hitler's Jets brings together in a single, character-driven narrative two groups of men at war:  on one side, American fighter pilots and others who battled the secret "wonder weapons" with which Adolf Hitler Hoped to turn the tide of World War II; on the other, the German scientists, engineers, and pilots who created and used these machines of war built with cutting-edge technology. Written by Robert F. Dorr, author of Hell Hawks!, Mission to Berlin and Mission to Tokyo, the story begins in 1943 with a display of high-tech secret weapons arranged for Hitler at a time when Germany still had prospects of winning the war. It concludes in 1945 with Berlin in rubble and the Allies seeking and stealing German technology in order to jump-start their own jet-powered aviation programs. Along the way, Dorr expertly describes the battles in the sky over the Third Reich that made it possible for the Allies to mount the D-Day invasion and advance toward Berlin. Fighting Hitler's Jets addresses both facts and speculation about German weaponry - including the famed Messerschmitt ME 262 and ME 163, the Heinkel He 280 and HE 162, and the Bachem 349 Natter - and is a riveting narrative from one of today's best military history writers. Autographed by Robert F. Dorr.

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